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Multicusp Ion Sources

Multicusp Ion Source

Multicusp Ion Sources - An ion source is a plasma generator from which beams of ions can be extracted. One type of ion source used in many applications is the multicusp ion source, named this way for the arrangement of the magnets that form magnetic cusp fields to contain the plasma



CERN Hadron Ion Sources Ion Sources and Electron Guns  This link will attempt to shed some light on the principles and operation of basic lepton and hadron sources commonly used in accelerators.


CERN Hadron Ion Sources For the production of hadronic particles for the CERN accelerator complex.


Cern Laser Ion Source- Extraction of a ~90 mA (all charge states) beam, with at least 5 mA of Pb 18+.


Colutron Research Corporation has two small Ion Gun systems to offer. Each Gun includes an ion source assembly, heat sink, acceleration and focusing system, vertical deflection plates, a 6" long velocity filter and a velocity filter guard ring control unit. Colutron Research Corporation

PHYSICON Corporation PHYSICON Corporation - Your source for ions: Standard sources, ray-traced beamlines, turn-key systems and upgrade assemblies for ion beams available for low eV ranges to 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100kV with spot sizes from microns to inches.

]The ISIS3000 ion source produces a high current, variable energy ion beam for the cleaning of sample surfaces in UHV. ISIS3000 ion source

National Electrostatics Corp Ion sources from National Electrostatics Corp. are used to produce a full range of positive and negative ion beam species.

Peabody Scientific -   provides ion beam equipment to the research community  for use in atomic and nuclear physics, materials modification, materials analysis, SIMS, etc. Peabody Scientific      Peabody Scientific  Peabody Scientific  Peabody Scientific

electron sources El-Mul is developing MWCNT high brightness electron sources coupled to ultra fast detectors for the Next Generation Lithography and Metrology (NGL / NGM) tools.

An Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source ECRIS is based on a plasma, which is held in an open magnetic trap. A microwave with a frequency which is equal to the gyration frequency of the electrons around the magnetic field lines is injected, heating resonantly these electrons
Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source

Oxford Applied Research Oxford Applied Research is a supplier of UHV and HV components and systems for the deposition and characterization of thin films.

Veeco supplies the widest range of ion sources for the broadest variety of applications. Our sources range in size from 3cm to 5m, and offer anode layer, gridded, and gridless configurations.


SPECS  Your competent partner in Surface Science and Nanotechnology

Cold-Cathode Penning Ion Source

The IQP 10/63 

Cold-Cathode Penning Ion Source - The IQP 10/63 is a Penning discharge type ion source mounted on a 4.5" (NW63CF) mounting flange with an easily removable permanent magnet. The source can be supplied with a complete gas inlet system. 

Ion Source IQE 11/35 - The IQE 11/35 is a very stable extractor type ion source operating with a long-lifetime special Yttriumoxide coated Iridium filament.

Ion Source IQE 12/38 - The ion source IQE 12/38 is an extractor type, differentially pumped ion source producing a focused, scanable ion beam of high current density.

SemEquip, IncSemEquip, Inc

tectra PLASMA ION SOURCE The tectra PLASMA ION SOURCE is a multi-purpose source which can easily be user configured to produce either atoms or ions and finds uses in a wide range of HV and UHV applications.

FEI BEAM TECHNOLOGY - two-lens column (2LE) utilizes Schottky emission, proprietary electrostatic focusing optics, and stacked-disk column construction to provide high-resolution imaging capability and maximum current density.


SIMS Primary Ion Sources SIMS Primary Ion Sources The duoplasmatron can operate with virtually any gas, but oxygen is the most common because oxygen implantation into the sample surface enhances ionization efficiency for electropositive elements.

Ionoptika - Dedicated to providing high-performance, high-quality, ion beam systems. Ionoptika

Inductively Coupled RF Plasma Source Inductively Coupled RF Plasma Source is designed to generate a continuous dense gas plasma for thin film deposition, etching, and material surface modification applications.


ECR Ion Sources


KJLC Filamentless Ion Source 


  • 3cm, 5cm, and 10cm Configurations
  • Filamentless Sources
  • Reactive Gas Compatible
  • Internal or Flange Mount
  • Collimated or Focused Grids
  • UHV Compatible
KJLC Filamentless Ion Source

Brookhaven Technology Group Brookhaven Technology Group, Inc.

The high brightness DC Surface Plasma Heavy Negative Ion Source (DC-SPHNIS) employs a hollow cathode discharge in a crossed ExB field for efficient plasma generation. The heavy negative ion beam is formed by the interaction of the plasma with the surface of a spherical focusing emitter.


The constricted plasma source utilizes a special form of a dc glow discharge, the constricted glow discharge. It is characterized by the presence of a small orifice (or constriction) placed in the discharge path between cathode and anode. - Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory The constricted plasma source

Kimball Physics Inc.  ion guns (ion sources) with their matching power supplies are complete subsystems ready to attach to a user-supplied vacuum chamber.

Model IGL-2101, 1 keV Ion Gun with electron-impact gas ionization, differential pumping, adjustable feedthrough, focus and deflection, mounted on a 23/4CF flange

Kimball Physics Inc


Albion SystemsAlbion Systems

Albion Systems   

These pictures of the original White source were taken in 1985. The source was an adaptation of the Eaton Nova Freeman source, based on the Bernas source. 

More Ion Sources


Reference Shelf for Particle-Solid Interactions - This site contains information useful for researchers in the field of interactions of ions, electrons, and energetic photons with solids. Maintained by Raúl Baragiola, University of Virginia

The Source Characterization and Measurement (SCAM) facility is a dedicated testbed for testing and evaluating hot filament ion source fabrication techniques and operating procedures.

IS1000 ION SOURCE is a broad beam source which operates at moderate energy levels (60-300 eV) and at high beam current (up to 4A). It has a uniform beam angle of approximately 60 degrees.

(Cryebis) Cryogenic Electron Beam Ion Source

Here's my collection of random links regarding fusion, IEC and other related stuff

Ion sources at KVI

On-line Ion Sources





Ion Beam Links

Ion Beam Links


The Faraday Cup Award Hall Of Fame  - What is a Faraday Cup?

Plasma Engineering Research Lab at Colorado State Univeristy Research is focused on broad beam ion sources and their components for both space-based and terrestrial applications as well as the performance of surfaces treated using the terrestrial sources.
Central Institute for Ion beams and Radionuclids - Three particle accelerators allow us modern ionbeam methodes and analysis as well as techniques like photo-electron-spectroscopy or electrical probe characterization.

Ion Beam Laboratory

The National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory - Surface Process by Ion Beam System and Ion Cluster Beam Deposition System curtesy of Kookmin University.

Solid State Devices and Ion Beam Technology Research Group Three implanters cover the energy range 25 keV to 4 MeV for many ions, including the major dopants for silicon.

Comstock, Inc. - Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers

Virtual Library: Chemical Education Resources

Columbia University - Links Page

Pattern Transfer with Dry Etching Techniques

  The Royal Society of Chemistry - Web Directories & General Sites




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